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AI Power Rankings

Last update: 10/01/2023, 9:15 AM v1.2 (changelog)
1500 1500 2000 2000 2500 2500 1 Uncertainty: 104 Rating: 2690 2690 Team Vitality LogoTeam VitalityAlpha54, Radosin, zen 2 Uncertainty: 117 Rating: 2482 2482 Rule One LogoRule OneM7sN, Rw9, Kiileerrz 3 Uncertainty: 104 Rating: 2454 2454 Team Liquid LogoTeam LiquidAcroniK., Atow., Oski 4 Uncertainty: 134 Rating: 2448 2448 Team Falcons LogoTeam FalconsAhmad, trk511, Nwpo 5 Uncertainty: 103 Rating: 2429 2429 Gen.G Esports LogoGen.G Esportsnoly, ApparentlyJack, Chronic 6 Uncertainty: 108 Rating: 2421 2421 FURIA Esports LogoFURIA Esportscaard, yANXNZ, Lostt 7 Uncertainty: 99 Rating: 2384 2384 Spacestation Gaming LogoSpacestation GamingArsenal, hockser, Lj 8 Uncertainty: 106 Rating: 2368 2368 Aogiri LogoAogiriTox, LTK_AtomiK, Stizzy 9 Uncertainty: 113 Rating: 2217 2217 Twisted Minds LogoTwisted MindsSenzo, Smw, Venom 10 Uncertainty: 117 Rating: 2148 2148 Team Secret LogoTeam Secretnxghtt, Sad, kv1 11 Uncertainty: 124 Rating: 2102 2102 Ninjas in Pyjamas LogoNinjas in PyjamasBemmz, AZTROMICK, Motta 12 Uncertainty: 127 Rating: 2024 2024 Ground Zero Gaming LogoGround Zero GamingFibérr, Superlachie, kaka 13 Uncertainty: 183 Rating: 1784 1784 Gaimin Gladiators LogoGaimin GladiatorsMaxeew, OSM, Flitz 14 Uncertainty: 184 Rating: 1617 1617 Limitless LogoLimitlessDarth., Snowyy, 2Die4


How does this work?

I've created an AI system tuned for predicting Rocket League esports matches. The ranking puts all the estimated skills of the teams in order. Click on the bars to see the two week rating trend. Learn more about the AI in this video.
The match data comes from ShiftRLE's database. Keep in mind that not all esports matches will be added to the database.

When do the ratings get updated?

The ratings should auto-update 6 AM UTC every day unless there is some issue. The date displayed on this page will be the date of the latest game in the database.

Why is my favorite team missing?

In order to appear on this ranking, your team has to have played in an A-Tier or higher tournament in the past two weeks, or they have to be on ShiftRLE's list of active teams.

Why is my favorite team so low? Why are you hating on minor regions?

There are no manual adjustments of ratings. No matches get removed from the dataset. Placement in tournaments do not matter. The only thing that matters is whether you're able to beat the teams in front of you. The AI doesn't necessarily hate on minor regions. I believe most people just underestimate how much depth EU and NA really have. Just because a team misses out on the major by a few points, doesn't mean they're all of the sudden worse than the minor region team that made it. Most minor region teams have done really well one tourney and fallen short multiple times in a row. That is no different than many of the EU and NA teams in regionals.

Keep in mind that sometimes 10 teams are within 50 rating points, and sometimes one team is 100 points above the next. The rating difference is what actually matters for a strength evaluation.

No ranking will ever be perfect. This one tends to move around quite a bit because that gives the best average prediction on the past dataset. If you come back a few times, you may find that one day it looks a bit crazy, and one event later, you agree with it.

What do the ratings mean?

They're a relative measure of skill. The absolute value has no meaning. Only the difference to another team. The approximate odds in a best of five are:

  • 50 rating difference: ~57% win
  • 100: ~64% win
  • 200: ~76% win
  • 300: ~84% win
  • 400: ~91% win

The transparent portion of the bar shows the uncertainty that the AI has about a team. If that bar is really large, then you should take the teams rating with an extra grain of salt.

Why can't I filter?

The page is just getting started. More to come. You're always free to message me on Discord if you think you have a great novel idea for this page.