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What is the Knowledge Base?

The Rocket Science Knowledge Base is the place where I will build a comprehensive overview of all the knowledge I've gathered about Rocket League, BakkesMod, how video games work, Controllers, Input Lag, and more. The Knowledge Base is built around the concept of tags and links. Links link between individual articles, while tags group an article under overarching concepts. An article can be assigned to many tags so it's not limited to being part of one concept only. The categories below are just tags, and you can filter lists by multiple tags at the same time to home in on what you're interested in. Alternatively you can use the search functionality.

This is not a publicly editable wiki. If you wish to help add knowledge, please contact me on Discord.

The Knowledge Base is currently under construction... Features are getting implemented, articles are getting added. Feedback appreciated.

Rocket League

(Un)Known issues

Rocket League bugs and other issues not listed on the official site.


Camera settings explained - Rocket Science #2

A deep dive into how each of the camera settings in Rocket League affect your perspective.

Boosting & Jumping mechanics - Rocket Science #1

How do jumps in Rocket League work. What direction do they propel you in?