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(Un)known issues Rocket League

A list of all the issues that Psyonix doesn't list in their official known issues.

More info on the purpose of this list and how to submit missing issues at the bottom of the page!






Psyonix maintains a list of currently known issues/bugs in Rocket League on this page. Unfortunately, this list has never contained all issues that the community is aware of. We can only specalutate on why some issues don't make the list, but it will likely be one of the following reasons:

  • devs are unaware of an issue that the community has verified
  • missing communication between devs and list maintainers
  • deliberate omission

Omission may be preferable to keep the list from becoming too cluttered with too many issues that only affect a fraction of the playerbase. It may also be used to deliberately draw attention away from issues that Psyonix does not intend to fix because they deem it not worth the time/money.

I think it is very useful for the community to have a reference of all known bugs and reproducible issues that Rocket League has. Thus, I have created this list of all the known issues apparently unknown by Psyonix. If you know of any other issue (visual/quantifiable evidence or reproducibility needed), you can report them in this form (Disclaimer: the form is hosted on Google so the data will be processed through them and stored on their servers.)