Rocket Science Homepage

New Homepage and a new section!


The homepage is no longer just a placeholder! If you haven’t seen it check it out by clicking the logo in the top left.

I have been hard at work trying to restructure and transform all the articles so I can have their information (title, date, image) available from outside their own page. This isn’t visible on the articles, but it allows me to now list the newest ones on the homepage automatically. I’ve also made it display all dates in the format customary to the country set in your operating system.

This is nice but aside from making it easier for me to create articles in the future, it serves to make the next part of the website feasible: The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base

I’m trying to create a platform where all the technical information I have discovered in the past is available in a structured way. (And info relating to the same topics discovered by others.) This will allow people to search and find information in ways that isn’t possible with videos. I don’t want to use a “proper” wiki or join an existing one because they’re somewhat limiting in the ways you can present information on them. I am also not a fan of letting anyone edit and then having to constantly monitor articles for correctness. That being said, if you’d like contribute, you’re welcome to contact me. I am not against letting trusted individuals help expand the available information.

This is a big undertaking and there is currently just a placeholder + one article. I’ll be adding information step-by-step. At first, I will add the videos in whole with their scripts. This will already make them searchable, for which I’ll add a search box to the website. They’ll also serve as sources for the topic specific pages.

(Un)Known Issues

Already available is an article that I’ve wanted to have for a really long time. Rocket League has a number of bugs and other issues, and Psyonix maintains an official list of known issues. Unfortunately, they’re not covering all the issues that the community knows about. The (Un)Known issues page is supposed to fill the gap for the other verified issues. I think keeping the community as informed as possible is always beneficial.

If you think there are any issues missing, there is a form below the article to submit additional issues. Please read the requirements carefully.